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 V1 Missions

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PostSubject: V1 Missions   V1 Missions Icon_minitimeSun Dec 14, 2008 2:03 pm

GTA IV Spiderman: Crime Wave Mod

V1 Missions

(Spider Ability means how much your powers are, for every 5 percent allows new powers)


Mission Number: ?
Mission Title: Rollar Coaster
Objective: 1st Tutorial
Charather: Niko( One Day Will Be Peter)
Spiderweapons Avalible: Wall Crawling
Spider ability: 5%
Completion Unlocks: All Islands Open, Web Shooters Mark 1, Web Swings Mark 1.
Story: You've acidently learned yor powers after a bite by a radioactive Spider
so it's time to learn the basics

Mission Number: ?
Mission Title: Great Power
Objective: 2nd Tutorial
Charather: Spiderman
Spiderweapons Avalible: All
Spider ability: 15%
Completion Unlocks: Classic Spiderman Suit, All Spiderpower Weapons,
Fight Crime, Fight Dock Ock at Random Moments.
Story: Your Spiderman Now, now learn these Spiderman Basics.

Mission Number: ?
Mission Title: Extreme Makeover
Objective: Fight with the Black Suit
Charather: Black Suit Spiderman
Spiderweapons Avalible: All
Spider ability: 65%
Completion Unlocks: The Black Suit Spiderman
Story: Now you have the Black Suit, so Fight all crime that comes at you.
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V1 Missions
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